The Belmar Beach in La Ceiba
  Beach Properties for Sale

Belmar Beach Bungalow and 29 Lots for Sale

Belmar Beach is a wonderful community comprised of 33 residential lots which is currently under development and is run by German - Canadian  Company,


Belmar Beach  is the perfect community for those who are interested in retiring, semi-retiring or just having a family home in the Caribbean.

4 of these properties already have homes built on them which are used by the owners and friends at different times throughout the year. This community offers fantastic views, a tranquil atmosphere, fresh breezes, and access to a wonderful beach area where you can swim in the warm waters of the Caribbean.  


These lots are serviced with water, power.

There are also maintenance crews who take care of this property to maintain it's charm and natural beauty.

Belmar Beach  is close to local stores, in La Ceiba City, close to the Port , Pico Bonito National Park,
and close to ( 6 Minute) well equipped German and Swiss hospital and it is only a few minutes away from The big Shoping Mall here in La Ceiba.

Here same Typ of Houses for Belmar Beach.

Beach House Typ 1,  with 2 Bedrooms and 2 Bathroom.

Beach House Typ 2, with 3 Bedroom,s and 2 Bathroom,s

This is Caribbean Life.

Belmar Beach House Jasmin

Kitchen sample

Bungalow on Belmar, for Sale.

Bungalow on Belmar Beach


Belmar Beach is 5 to 10 minutes away from La Ceiba and the nearest international airport and is located right in the community of Boca Viejae and is only 50 feet from the beach.
Price Lots at Belmar Beach Residence
Lot no. qm2 Price in $ US
1 269,76 $ US 26,000.00 sold  
2 260,75 $ US 25,600.00
3 255,7 $ US 25,500.00
4 243,19 $ US 22,000.00 reserv.  
5 242,91 $ US 22,000.00 reserv.  
30 246,95 $ US 22,500.00
6         200.00 $ US 16,800.00
7         200.00 $ US 16,800.00
8          200.00 $ US 16,800.00
9         238.54 $ US 20,000.00
10         200.00 $ US 16,800.00
11         300.00 $ US 25,200.00
12         300.00 $ US 25,200.00
13         200.00 $ US 16,800.00
   14          200.00 $ US 16,800.00
15         175.35 $ US 13,800.00
16         200.00 $ US 14,500.00
17         200.00 $ US 14,500.00
18         200.00 $ US 14,500.00
19         200.00 $ US 14,500.00
20         223.55 $ US 15,300.00
21         200.00

$ US 14,500.00 reserv.

22         200.00 $ US 14,500.00
23         200.00 $ US 14,500.00
24         200.00 $ US 14,500.00
25         148.76 $ US 10,700.00
26         200.00 $ US 14,500.00
27         200.00 $ US 14,500.00
28          200.00 $ US 14,500.00
29         240.32 $ US 17,300.00  
  House Nr.32 $ US 62,000.00 sold    
     House Nr.33 $.US56,500.00  
HouseNr.33    $ US 50,500.00 241.52 M2
HouseNr.33   $ US 70,500.00 sold  


Purchasing a Lot or House at Belmar Beach is a simple process requiring a $10,000.00 U. S. dollars deposit to hold a lot and a  $ 30,000.00 US dollars deposit to hold a House, and a full payment to be made within a specific time period negotiated between you and our sales agents which is normally 
30 to 40 days. In this particular community we are selling lots which are currently owned by  individuals and the deposits may or may not be refundable but this willbe negotiated in the terms and agreements of the sale. A land title will be provided to you 1-4 weeks after the final payment of you property is received. Once you have obtained your land title you can begin construction on your property. 



The Belmar Beach  community is taken care of by GERMAN MANAGEMENT COMPANY who provides security, maintenance, and landscaping. Fees are charged on quarterly basis and are only $80.00 U. S. dollars per month which include: security, sewer treatment, administration, gardening, general maintenance and *garbage removal. 



Once you have obtained your title, you can begin construction of your home on your property , but you do have up to 1 years to build and you may also apply for a two-year extension giving you a total of 3 years. You may build with any contractor in Honduras,
and we recommend one of  the Companies how ar working with as.



property taxes are very low in this community and range between $45 and $400 per year depending on lot size and if there is a home on the lot.


Re-selling your property

Because you have full ownership of your property, you are free to resell your property at any time, to anyone around the world

here a  small Movie from Belmar, for you,

Beach House " Alex "

one of the best Beach Properties here in La Ceiba,4 Betroom, 2 Bathroom, Kitchen, Dinning and Livingroom, Pool, Boathouse, BBQ Place, 2 Storege Room,  Watchman House, Back up Electric Generater, etc.etc.
big Lot, 60 meter Beach Front bey 220 meter
total 13200 qm of Land,perfect to make a gated community on the propertie
here smal movie



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